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Metabolites are intermediate organic compounds or are steming from metabolism. Alsachim synthetize all types of products and provides a large range of metabolites to its catalog.

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[2H4]-Nicotinuric acid

Product Number: C1389

CAS number: 1216737-36-8

Synonyms: [2H4]-(Nicotinyl)glycine, [2H4]-(Nicotinoyl)glycine, [2H4]-NSC 71273, [2H4]-2-(Nicotinylamino)acetic Acid, [2H4]-N-(Nicotinoyl)-glycine, [2H4]-N-[(3-Pyridinyl)carbonyl]glycine

[metabolites] Furosemide glucuronide

Furosemide glucuronide

Product Number: C1355

CAS number: 72967-59-0

Synonyms: Furosemide Glucuronide, 1-[5-(Aminosulfonyl)-4-chloro-2-[(2-furanylmethyl)amino]benzoate] -ß-D-glucopyranuronic Acid