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5 Fluoro-uracil toxicity has been proven and a pre-treatment assessment is now mandatory. Alsachim has developed the standards essential for the analysis.


Dehydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase deficiency

5 Fluoro-uracil is one of the most administrated anticancer drugs for the treatment of solid cancers. Studies have shown that the use of this drug induced severe toxicities sometimes even death. The main cause of these toxicities is a deficiency in Dehydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase (DPD), an enzyme responsible for the catabolism of 5-fu to Dihydrofluorouracil in normal tumor cells. Unfortunately, in the case of DPD’s deficiency, the anticancer drug is converted into 3 main active metabolites which are responsible of the toxicities. As of December 2018, the National Cancer institute has recommended the pretreatment assessment of DPD by measuring Plasma Uracil concentrations associated possibly with Dihydrouracil/Uracil ratio.

A continuous follow-up of 5-Fluoro-uracil doses is recommended to adapt the anticancer drug to each patient.


Alsachim expertise

Alsachim has always been on the apex of its abilities by developing a unique and complete products portfolio. Developing a “Gold Standard” labeling is the signature of Alsachim expertise and excellence.


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