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Among its collaborations across the world, Alsachim is proud to support the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN), the malaria platform of the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory.

WWARN is dedicated to generating innovative tools and providing reliable data and evidence to the malaria community. Its actions help to monitor the emergence and spread of antimalarial drug resistance and to identify the factors affecting the effectiveness of antimalarial drugs.

Quality-assured antimalarial drugs

The IDDO-WWARN External Quality Assurance Programme supports high quality antimalarial drug research by offering a ISO 17043-accredited proficiency testing (PT) scheme to laboratories performing antimalarial drug level measurements and also by providing reference materials (RM) for assay development/validation to laboratories involved in malaria research. These materials are made available to the participating laboratories at no cost. The PT scheme in particular has helped to improve the quality and value of antimalarial drug level measurements in laboratories around the world.

WWARN_WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network

A significant contribution against malaria

The teams at Alsachim are proud to contribute to the global fight to eliminate malaria. About 30 antimalarial drug reference standards synthesized by Alsachim have been used in the PT and RM schemes from its inception. Alsachim continues to support these schemes by verifying the quality of these materials annually, thus helping to sustain improvements in research on antimalarial drugs.

Alsachim has been a reliable and valued partner in our efforts to optimize the use of antimalarial drugstreatments. Their support is crucial to maintain strict international standards in the highly sophisticated research conducted by laboratories participating in the IDDO-WWARN EQA Programme.

M. Mehul Dhorda, Head of EQA Programme, IDDO-WWARN

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