Published : 11/29/2019  -  Categories : News

Antibiotics have always been on the top priorities in medicine development. But nowadays, antibiotic-resistant bacterias are making the use of this solution very limited and quite frustrating. A research for a new solution is now essential to keep eliminating the unwanted bacterias and to ensure a solution for this matter.

One of the options available and worth studying is the antibiotic combination therapy. This technique has been the focus of many researchers for so long with some very satisfying results.

Researchers have shown that by using antibiotic combination, a collateral sensitivity is provoked. One of the most recent examples of this phenomenon, is the use of Amdinocillin and Cefotaxime combined, which can make the multi-resistant E. coli (extended spectrum beta-lactamase, ESBL) sensitive to treatment again.

In this study, the bacteria had become resistant to one of the two antibiotics but sensitive to the other, a switch mechanism is in place which opens a wide range of possibilities to explore for the treatment.

This discovery shall allow the study of other resistance genes in order to find new drug combinations with drug collateral sensitivity.

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