Published : 09/07/2020  -  Categories : News

Alsachim is proud to have contributed to Prof L.A. Decosterd's research work, Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology, University Hospital of Lausanne (Switzerland) and his team, by providing stable isotope-labeled internal standards necessary for the development of the method :

Validation and clinical application of an HPLC-MS/MS multiplex assay for the monitoring of plasma concentrations of 12 antibiotics in patients with severe bacterial infections.


These internal standards have been synthesized by Alsachim's R&D team to meet the specific needs of this work: Cefepime-13CD3, Ceftazidime-D6, Ceftriaxone-13CD3, Ertapenem-D4, Flucloxacillin-13C415N, Imipenem-D4, Piperacillin-D5.

Through the synthesis of labeled compounds and the development of controls, calibrants, internal standards and ready-to-use diagnostic kits, Alsachim is a partner of choice for your research in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

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