Alsachim provides custom synthesis to meet your specific requirements and to support your research programs.
With the solidity of 15 years of experiences, we have developed our own expertise and we support many customers around the world. Alsachim, which is now among the market leaders in stable isotope labeled compounds, maintain a quality of service for all its customers in order to be the best partner in their projects.

Our aim is to provide you the best custom synthesized internal standard to satisfy your needs. We take care about your requirements and we propose to you the best solution; the strategic isotopes positioning, the mass of internal standard to ensure your monitoring with a minimum of 4 isotopes, and moreover, the best “Gold standard”. Indeed we prefer to offer our customer 13C stable labeled internal standard rather than the deuterated analogue to guarantee the best “Gold standard” with greater isotopic Mass Purity and greater stability of labeling that also allow CP-MAS and NMR studies.

We guarantee our compounds over 98% pure and 98% isotope with no unlabeled isotope detected.

Alsachim offers custom synthesis of stable isotopically labelled molecules including:

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over 15 years of expertise

time saving

the project management is totally undertaken by our expert synthetic chemists

Emphasis on client communication

we keep you informed throughout each project, providing updates when and how you want them


we deliver compounds with high purity levels and a comprehensive /complete Certificate of Analysis


the security of our customer's data is our priority (management and IT process)


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