Alsachim offers custom synthesis to meet to your specific requirements and to support your research programs. Our aim is to provide you the best custom synthesized internal standard to satisfy your needs and enable you to reach the most accurate results for your LC-MS/MS analysis.

Let us know
about your
specifications !

Let us know about your specifications !

Bringing our know-how and skills, we listen to your needs and requirements, and we carry out a R&D process to propose a synthetic route in line with the entire project, offering the best solution for strategic isotopes positioning (13C, 15N, 2H, 18O, 34S) with non-exchangeable isotopes position.

Our expert chemists' teams will design the optimal compound with single or multi labeling, to perform reliable quantitative LC-MS/MS measurements with maximized sensitivity; meaning it has greater isotopic mass purity and greater labelling stability allowing CP-MAS and NMR studies.

We excel at providing high quality products (high purity level with no unlabeled compound detected). Purity levels are determined by HPLC-UV-MS analysis, mass spectrometry, 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P NMR spectroscopy and provided with a complete Certificate of Analysis.

We aim to build long-term client relationships by listening, understanding, and meeting our client's needs in a reasonable time. Throughout the process, we keep you informed by providing regular updates on your customized synthesis project.

Alsachim offers custom synthesis of stable isotopically labelled standards including:

How we proceed?

Reaching out to us with your requirements for a custom synthesis means our experts will study the best isotope labelling to provide a personalized solution, and then go through the R&D process and production, to finally deliver the compound with the detailed technical documentation.




Why outsource your chemistry by Alsachim?


over 18 years of expertise in organic compound synthesis developed in our laboratories

time saving

the project management is totally undertaken by our expert synthetic chemists

Emphasis on client communication

we keep you informed throughout each project, providing updates when and how you want them


we deliver compounds with high purity levels and a comprehensive /complete Certificate of Analysis


the security of our customer's data is our priority (management and IT process)


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Our teams will be pleased to exchange with you, share their know-how and skills to give you more information about the compound that fits your needs.

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