Alsachim offers full compound certification and re-analysis services, which includes a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis, along with all supporting documentation.

Analytical service_GCMS equipmentStandard certification includes:

  • chemical purity determined by HPLC/UV analysis
  • Mass Spectrometry Analysis LC/MS
  • 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P NMR spectra

Many other analyses are available upon request, such as: NMR Experiments (DEPT, NOESY, COSY); GC-MS, LC-MS.

Our certificates of analysis have a minimum validity of 1 year.

Alsachim provides compounds with a minimum isotopic purity of:

  • 99 % for 13C
  • 98 % for 2H and 15N

Give us the analysis of your compounds!

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