Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

The quantification of drugs in a matrix (whole blood, plasma, urine, etc.) allows to guarantee an adapted dosage to each patient, in order to optimize their clinical benefits, while reducing their side effects. The exact measurement of these substances is therefore essential.

Alsachim's strong expertise lies in its ability to produce labeled internal standards with stable isotopes to quantify the concentration of biological substances. Based on this added value, we develop internal standards for our reagent kits to deliver high quality compounds to ensure good bioanalysis results.
Based on MRM technology and the use of stable labeled internal standards, Alsachim develops TDM Clinical Mass Diagnostic Kits enabling the simultaneous quantification of different drugs, and thus optimizing the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) of drugs.

Ready-to-use reagent kits

Our kits are totally ready-to-use medical devices using LC-MS/MS method. To ensure a repeatability and time saving, we propose turnkey solutions with:

  • all components required for the analysis; calibrators, quality controls, internal standards, solvents, consumables, etc.
  • analytical method to allow the drugs quantification

As a supplier of CE-IVD products, we attach great importance to the monitoring of our products and the support to our customers. We ensure that our products and services comply with regulations to ensure validated use for our customers.

DOSIMMUNE™: immunosuppressants in whole blood

We developed a reagent kit to quantify immunosuppressant drugs (Cyclosporin A, Sirolimus, Tacrolimus, Everolimus) in whole blood using LC-MS/MS. DOSIMMUNE™ is a complete kit, CE marked, ready-to-use with all the components and accessories required to monitor immunosuppressants in patient whole blood.

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Alsachim has been certified by BSI and operate a Quality Management System compliant to ISO 13485 standard.

Starter Set

To facilitate the analysis of several compounds, Alsachim developed "Starter sets" to provide you a range of products to facilitate your analyses.

The starter set is based on the basics compounds required to make these kinds of analyses, including unlabeled and labeled internal standard.