Read our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and get the answers to your interrogations. Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have for Alsachim products and services.

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Are Alsachim compounds approved for human/animal use?

Our products are manufactured for research purposes only. Our products are not intended for human or animal use.

Which packaging are available for Alsachim products ?

On our online catalog some pre-defined options are proposed. If needed, any quantity starting form 1 mg (which is the minimum which can be ordered) to 10’s of grams can be requested. Please contact for any specific packaging needs.

What is the expiration date?

An expiry date is specified on the certificate of analysis (COA) delivered along with our products. All of our products are delivered with a detailed certificate of analysis guaranteeing the purity and stability of our compounds for a minimum period of 1 year, as long as the storage and use conditions recommended by Alsachim are respected. If your expiration date has been reached, please contact our team at : for a reanalysis.

Where can I get the corresponding SDS ?

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) gives important information about the product (the use, the hazard identification, etc.). At Alsachim, each product is delivered with its corresponding SDS. When needed, it can be asked at

Where can I get the corresponding COA?

All our products are delivered with a detailed and complete Certificate of Analysis (COA) which is shipped with the product. If needed, please contact us at

Can Alsachim perform custom synthesis?

For nearly 20 years, Alsachim supports its customers over the world by providing customized organic compounds synthesis for labeled and unlabeled compounds, from 1 mg to 10´s of grams (only product for RUO). Please complete the online form to tell us your specifications or contact our sales teams at

Which labelling are available at Alsachim?

We can label compounds with stable isotopes like deuterium (2H, D), carbon-13 (13C), nitrogen-15 (15N ), oxygen-18 (18O ) and sulfur-34 (34S). Radioactive labelling is not available at Alsachim (e.g. 14C, 3H or 125I).


I sent my quotation request online, what’s next ?

Your quotation request will be analyzed by our team and you will receive your quote within a business day at your email address.

Can I order online and/or use a card payment?

No banking transactions are done on our website. You can request an online quote on our website by validating a cart with one or many product(s) of our online catalog. The quotation and the order will be sent directly per email from our sales team.
I don’t find the product on your online catalog.
Our online catalog does not list all Alsachim products. Contact our sales team to check availability of the product you are looking for at

Do I need an account to request a quote online?

In order to process your online quote request, you have to register on our website. Go to the "customer account" page to create an online member account in less than 1 minute. This step is necessary to enable our team to collect the information they need to send you a quotation based on your requirements (contact details, addresses, etc.).

How do I know how much was delivered to me?

Each product is delivered with an exact weight indicated on the print out of the balance; we weigh your order on a microbalance. So you know the exact quantity received.

Does Alsachim work with e-procurement platforms?

Yes, to facilitate collaboration with some of our customers, Alsachim works with e-procurement platforms such as Scientist, Ariba, Coupa, Chorus and others. When needed, please contact us at:


What are the shipping conditions for compounds?

Our products are transported at ambient temperature, even they have refrigerated or frozen recommended storage temperature, as they are stable at ambient temperature during ordinary shipping and time spent in customs. We take into account the conditions and time of transport of the products to the delivery location. However, optimum long-term storage requires -20°C unless otherwise specified. Please consult the Certificate of Analysis of the requested product for details.
Certains products need to be shipped in dry ice or controlled temperature, contact your sales team for more information regarding specific shipment.

Can I use my customer account for Fedex or DHL to ship goods?

Yes. To facilitate the tracking of your order, we can fill in your customer account number. Please precise your account number on the comment area when validating your cart or to our sales team at

Do my compounds require a specific permit for importation?

This depends on national regulations. At Alsachim, we only control which substance require a permit for exportation before shipping.


How can I change my account details ?

If you need to change information on your member account, please log in and make the needed update on your profile. You can modify and manage different addresses (shipping, billing).

I forget my password, what can I do ?

On the log in webpage, click on « Forgot your password », then, enter the email address you used to register. You will receive a temporary link to reset your password.
For security issues, we suggest to follow the recommandations below : (1) never share your password with anyone, (2) at least 8 to 12 characters (combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols) and do not use your name or personal information as your password.