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Condition of shipment of the compounds

Our products are transported at ambient temperature, even they have refrigerated or frozen recommended storage temperature, as they are stable at ambient temperature during ordinary shipping and time spent in customs. We take into account the conditions and time of transport of the products to the delivery location. However, optimum long-term storage requires -20°C unless otherwise specified. Please consult the Certificate of Analysis of the requested product for details.

What is the expiration date?

An expiry date is specified on the certificate of analysis (COA) delivered along with our products. All of our products are delivered with a detailed certificate of analysis guaranteeing the purity and stability of our compounds for a minimum period of 1 year, as long as the storage and use conditions recommended by Alsachim are respected.

How do I know how much was delivered to me?

Each product is delivered with an exact weight indicated on the print out of the balance; we weigh your order on a microbalance. So you know the exact quantity received.

Are Alsachim compounds approved for human/animal use?

Our products are manufactured for research purposes only. Our products are not intended for human or animal use.