DOSIMYCO™ Mycophenolic acid in plasma, LC-MS/MS

Reagent kit

  • Available for 200 analysis
  • Internal standard with isotope labeled analytes
  • For LC-MS/MS application
  • The set is ready-to-use with all consumables

DOSIMYCO™ is intendent for research use only, not for diagnostic.

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Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of the Mycophenolic acid and its glucuronide MPA-G, is essential to allow regulating of the dosage according to the drug concentration in each patient’s plasma after organ transplantation. Recently, LC-MS/MS has been introduced in many laboratories as an alternative technology for TDM (besides Immunoassays).

Alsachim developed a reagent kit based on LC-MS/MS analytical method for the quantification of the immunosuppressant drug in plasma: Mycophenolic acid (MPA) and its glucuronide (MPA-G). The DOSIMYCO™ kit is an in vitro diagnostic device for the rapid and multiplex assay of the immunosuppressant drug for LC-MS, thanks to in-house production of stable isotope-labeled internal standards with deuterium and carbon-13. This ready-to-use kit is also for routine LC-MS/MS analysis of this immunosuppressant in plasma sample.

DOSIMYCO™ is available for 200 analysis RUO 227-40300-58 (Europe) / 227-40300-91 (Japan)

Technical Data

Method of analysis: LC-MS/MS
Parameter: Mycophenolic acid and its glucuronide MPA-G
Analysis time: 1.5 min 
Limit of quantification: 
- MPA : < 0.1 mg/L 
- MPA-G : < 1 mg/L
- MPA : up to 100 mg/L
- MPA-G : up to 500 mg/L
Specimen: in plasma
Storage: Samples can be stored for up to 7 days at +4°C +/-2°C. For longer storage, it is recommended to freeze the sample at -20°C +/-5°C after collection.
Sample preparation:  
- Transfer calibrator or control or human blood sample into a microtube
- Add reconstituted Internal standards pool 
- Add extraction buffer
- Shake and centrifuge
- Extract the supernatant
- Insert in LC-MS/MS and analyze
Injection volume: 0.1–50 µL
Ionisation: ESI positive
Comment: DOSIMYCO™ reagent kit is delivered with all documentation required to use properly the product (complete instructions Manual, safety data sheets, quality an analysis certificates, etc.)

Kit Composition

  • Mobile Phase A
  • Mobile Phase B
  • System Cleaning Phase
  • Extraction Buffer
  • Internal Standard Set
  • Calibrator Set
  • Control Set


  • Tuning Mix labeled and unlabeled.
  • Microtubes.
  • Lc vial set.

Kit components & accessories