Tuning Mix, DOSIMMUNE™

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Medical Device CE/IVD

  • Product reference: labeled 227-40140-55 (CE/IVD) or 227-40140-91 (RUO), unlabeled 227-40141-55 (CE/IVD) or 227-40141-91 (RUO)
  • Component of DOSIMMUNE™ reagent kit

DOSIMMUNE™ is registered as a CE/IVD device in the EEA. In other case, DOSIMMUNE™ is intendent for research use only, not for diagnostic.

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DOSIMMUNE™ Labeled Tuning Mix and unlabeled Tuning Mix are a mixture of the four labeled and unlabeled immunosuppressants: Cyclosporin A, Everolimus, Sirolimus, Tacrolimus.
These two mixtures are used to optimize the MRM transitions of each molecule.

Technical Data

Composition: Lyophilized product.
Content: Labeled and unlabeled immunosuppressants.

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