• Product number: C5953
  • CAS number: 75747-14-7
  • Molecular formula: C31H43N3O8
  • Molecular weight: 585,69 g.mol-1
  • Min. purity: 98,00 %
  • Synonyms: 17-AAG, 17-(Allylamino)-17-demethoxy-geldanamycin, [(3R,5S,6R,7S,8E,10S,11S,12Z,14E)-6-Hydroxy-5,11-dimethoxy-3,7,9,15-tetramethyl-16,20,22-trioxo-21-(prop-2-enylamino)-17-azabicyclo[16.3.1]docosa-1(21),8,12,14,18-pentaen-10-yl] carbamate
  • Solubility: refer to COA

  • Stability: ≥ 1 year
  • Shipping: 24/48h for products in stock
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Product Number: C5953


Tanespimycin is intended for Pharmaceuticals, Environment, Food & beverage applications. All information about Tanespimycin is provided in the MSDS. We deliver compounds with high purity levels and a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis. Connect to your member account to consult the documents.