Published : 02/08/2021  -  Categories : News

Alsachim has synthesized a full list of Antiepileptic standards, one of the most commonly studied molecules for their mechanism of action and therapeutic use. 

It is estimated that more than 50 million people are living with epilepsy around the world, a neurological disorder with no direct treatment. Antiepileptic drugs are administrated to help reduce the amount of seizures and to give more relief to the patients. However, as it is the case for most drugs acting on the brain, antiepileptic drugs can also have serious consequences on the behaviour of the patients if the dose is not respected.

Continuous studies are conducted to ensure new therapeutic discoveries and new pathways for epilepsy treatment. 

Discover the list of Stable labeled and unlabeled standards of most antiepileptic drugs for your LC-MS/MS analyses: 

Download the Antiepileptic Product Sheet

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