Published : 02/08/2021  -  Categories : News

Use of DOSINACO kit at Hospital Universitario de La Princesa

Dr Pablo Zubiaur-Unidad Analytica

We chose DOSINACO because it offers considerable time saving.

Interview with Pablo Zubiaur Precioso, PhD, MPharm
Servicio de Farmacología Clínica
Hospital Universitario de La Princesa, Spain

1. Can you outline the research you are conducting in your laboratory / Department? Why is it important?

We perform research to advance precision medicine. This includes, on the one hand, pharmacogenetic studies and, on the other hand, studies related to therapeutic drug monitoring. Both strategies, implemented in clinical practice, improve the safety and efficacy of therapies, the quality of life of patients and the sustainability of health systems. In addition to research, we also support the hospital by offering pharmacogenetic and therapeutic drug monitoring services. I am responsible for the pharmacogenetic and analytical unit and I am in charge of coordinating the whole team. In addition to myself, there are two clinical pharmacologists, a laboratory technician, two pre-doctoral biotechnologists and several undergraduate students from different disciplines (see picture below).

2. How DOSINACO helped you to solve / optimize your daily work?

We have promoted an observational study in which we aim to define the therapeutic range and pharmacogenetic markers of apixaban, dabigatran, rivaroxaban and edoxaban. For this purpose, it is easier for us to carry out the analytical determinations with a commercial kit such as DOSINACO. We chose this particular kit because it is the only one we found on the market.

3. What are the trends / needs in your industry that led to the need to use our product? What are your expectations for LC-MS/MS drug quantification in the future?

Precision or personalized medicine is currently under development and will probably continue to expand in the upcoming years and decades. It is therefore expected that the number of laboratories that need to perform analytical determinations will increase. At least that is our case. LC-MS commercial kits mean a considerable time saving for laboratories like ours, "small" and without dedicating 100% of their activity to analytical chemistry.

Team of Hospital Universitario de La Princesa.
Main field of study: Pharmacogenetics, therapeutic drug monitoring, precision medicine