[2H4]-Periciazine oxalate salt

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  • Product number: C5760
  • CAS number: 2622-26-6 unlabeled
  • Molecular formula: C21H23N3OS . C2H2O4
  • Molecular weight: 459,55 g.mol-1
  • Min. purity: 98,00 %
  • Min. isotopic enrichment: 98% 2H
  • Synonyms: 2-Cyano-10-[3-(4-hydroxypiperidino)propyl]phenothiazine-d4, Aolept-d4, Pericyazine-d4, Propericyazine salt-d4, Propericiazine oxalate salt-d4
  • Solubility: refer to COA

  • Stability: ≥ 1 year
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Product Number: C5760


Periciazine is intended for Pharmaceuticals applications. All information about [2H4]-Periciazine oxalate salt is provided in the MSDS. We deliver compounds with high purity levels and a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis. Connect to your member account to consult the documents.